Membership of the iCEA Group in the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Membership of the iCEA Group in the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Pursuing a strategy of dynamic growth and further overseas expansion, the iCEA Group has become a member of the Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the cooperation is to mutually promote trade relations between Poland and Canada. The focus is on activities in the economic and cultural fields that will lead to a real increase in investment and trade development.

The Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) is Poland’s leading organization supporting economic cooperation between Poland and Canada. It was established in 2004 and nowadays, it is formed by ten board members, a president, an executive director, more than 50 member companies. With a firm support of the Canadian Embassy, it has become one of the strongest Polish-Canadian business organizations in Poland.

The iCEA Group joins PCCC
In early June, the iCEA Group became a member of the Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As a top-ranked SEO and SEM agency in the European and North American markets, the company will support the association by offering tools and sharing experience in cooperation with partners in the areas of SEO, SEM, UX and digital marketing. With a tailored strategy that also includes the specifics of a given market, the iCEA Group guarantees a higher position in search results and an increase in conversions as well as reaching new customers.

Common goals
The goal of the cooperation between PCCC and iCEA Group is to provide innovative and comprehensive services to Canadian e-commerce companies. From developing the digital industry through legislative action, to effective representation of common interests in dialogue with institutions within the countries and around the world. Its focus is also representing and supporting the economic interests of companies related to the e-commerce market in Poland and Canada, implementing expansion strategies and business in more foreign markets. An additional common goal is to support entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized ones and provide them with knowledge and technological solutions, and generally to disseminate digital solutions.

Canada Day
Last Sunday, members of the Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce including the iCEA Group, as well as representatives of the Canadian Embassy in Poland, partners and friends, celebrated Canada Day together. There are more joint projects already planned which aim is to promote Polish-Canadian activities in the field of e-Commerce and e-marketing.

The iCEA Group is a global SEO agency that has been defining standards in the SEO industry for 15 years as a part of Digital now! Holding. Our team consists of more than 300 experts, thanks to whom we guarantee not only the stability of conducted campaigns, but above all we ensure security at every stage of the cooperation, because we understand it is what our clients need. The iCEA Group has been trusted by brands such as Romet, Viessmann, PZU, Orange, Bielenda, Sneaker Peaker, Lou, Gerda and many more. 

iCEA Group
iCEA Group
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